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Our View on Innovations

CNS Engineering Australia places a very heavy emphasis on innovations. We are continuing to invest time and resources in securing and developing innovative assets in various construction sectors. Our development and innovations can be identified through our website below. 

Our Current Projects

Ultrasonic Testing.jpg

Under Pressure Installation


CNS Engineering Australia is currently trialling the new ultrasonic flow meters that can be attached to the external surface of the pipe. The aim of this project is to deliver accurate flow meter that is designed to be installed without disrupting water supply. 


Inline Leak Detection Sensor

innovative leak detection sensor

We are currently trialling leak detection product capable of detecting sonic wave that travels through inside the main. The sensor will likely have capacity to communicate directly with control centre through LTE/3G Services.


Leak Detecting Tracer Wire

innovative leak detection sensor

We are also trialling a leak detection tape which can be installed in conjunction with new asset installations. The sensors operate by seeking for temperature changes and detecting noise or pitch generated through leakages within the main.

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